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七乐彩3000近走势图virtual banks have some of the most technologically innovative offerings in the industry. here we’ll discuss some of the new features that are on the horizon for mobile virtual banking apps.

Cardless ATM Transactions

mobile banking apps have managed to absorb many of the functions that once required physical bank branches, including the ability to deposit checks by taking a picture of them with your mobile device’s camera. but the physical debit card has so far resisted replacement. that’s shortly set to change.

a number of institutions are experimenting with cardless atm transactions. the methods used vary, but the end goal is a safe atm session that no longer requires a dedicated debit card, and wraps further functionality into the mobile app.

Virtual Banking Advice

七乐彩3000近走势图bots are becoming ubiquitous on the internet and throughout the technology sector. virtual banks have been using them for years as that can answer stock questions with pre-baked answers. these work well when the customer sticks to the script, but when the customer is interested in information that requires real intelligence, these bots can’t deliver.

七乐彩3000近走势图however, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly expanding their capabilities, and some virtual banks are eyeing their potential as virtual advisors. the smart bots could give customers personalized investment and banking advice as well as answers to questions unique to the individual. the hope is to turn the customer’s banking app into an effective, on-demand financial advisor that doesn’t require a real person on the other end.


Deeper Card Controls

cardless are on their way, and digital wallets are beginning to replace cards for in-person purchases. however, it will be some time before this technology is ubiquitous. until then, debit cards will remain with us. if we have to carry them, we should at least be able to control how they’re used.

七乐彩3000近走势图banks already offer the ability to turn a debit card on and off using the virtual banking app. but soon customers will have more granular control. you’ll be able to set spending limits and disable the card for certain vendors. the mobile app will become a gatekeeper for your physical card, determining when and where it can be used.

When It Comes to Banking, Mobile Is King

七乐彩3000近走势图as virtual banking matures, the mobile app will subsume more and more of the banking experience, while giving customers more control over their money. we’re rapidly approaching the day when a mobile device will be all you’ll need to fulfill the entirety of your financial life.

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